Rotary Midtown Dolls Museum

The Rotary Dolls Museum ( RDM ) is located in the city of Rajkot, State of Gujarat, India. Rotary Midtown Doll's Museum, Rajkot is an interesting place which is full of traditional and ethnic, dolls from all over the world. The Rotary Dolls Museum is a one of a kind museum that showcases the cultural heritage and tradition of different countries and people through the medium of dolls. The museum is spread over a massive 9000 sq. ft., and boasts of an awesome collection of dolls from about 95 different countries across the world. The Rotary Dolls Museum of Rajkot allows both adults and children alike to enjoy over 1500 dolls that are ethnic and are representative of the culture and tradition of the place of their origin. Each and every doll kept in the museum is marked in detail with their specialty and what it tries to convey about the culture and the traditions of its place of origin. Each doll in the museum bears the flag of their respective countries so as to allow the visitors to know the foreign origin of the doll. It is a Dolls Museum with more than 1500 dolls from more than 95 countries. The museum gives a sneak peek into the various cultures and traditions of the world through the medium of dolls. The vision of such a museum was conceived by Rotarian Mr Deepak Agrawal in 2001. One of the prominent attractions at the museum is the 'Rocking Zebra' which is the pride of the Dolls Museum. It is unique in that there are only five such pieces all over the world.

Rotary Midtown Dolls Museum Location

Rajkot Nagrik Sahakari Bank Building, Opp. Heera Panna Shopping Complex, Dr. Yagnik Road, Rajkot 360 001, Gujarat

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