Rashtriya Shala

Rashtriya Shala was established in 1921 by the erstwhile ruler of Rajkot, Lakhaji Raj Thakore, in the presence of Mahatma Gandhi to serve as a national educational institution. The Rashtriya Shala of Rajkot is known for its historical importance and was started in 1921 with the help of 66, 000square yards of land donated by the Rajkot leader, Shri Lakhajiraj. This institute is closely associated with the life and activities of Mahatma Gandhi. Rashtriya Shala is another one of the prime attractions in the Rajkot city which was built during the period of Non-Violent Movement to unshackle the nation from the control of the British rule. Gandhiji returned back to Rajkot, the place of his former schooling in 1939 to help set up the Rashtriyashala. On February 21, 1921 Rashtriya Shala made its modest beginning and formally started functioning in a rental premises in Rajkot. It is on this land that the main building of the institution was first constructed, and since 1924 Rashtriya Shala started its various activities in this building. Activities Of Institution The main activities of Rashtriya Shala are three fold Educational & Cultural, Khadi and Village Industries, and Social Service. From 1934 Khadi spinning and weaving were introduced here. This place has witnessed Non- Cooperation movement which aimed at Swaraj. It has taken an important step in spreading the art of weaving, khadi and other handicrafts items by conducting education and vocational classes. It also helps local weavers to learn typical Rajkot style ikat saris, which this place is famous for. Today this institution is involved in reviving Patola weaving techniques. 

Rashtriya Shala Location

Vidya Nagar, Rajkot, Gujarat 360001

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