Murli Manohar Temple

Supedi is a village located in the district of Rajkot in the Indian state of Gujarat. This Temple are located in supedi village. A beautiful temple older than 350 years, showing various architectural styles like Gujarati ornamental, Rajasthani & Indo-mughal styles. Hindu temples are faced in east (rising sun) direction but this Mirali-manohar temple faces to West (setting sun) direction. It is god's will. This temple are three type of God like Shivji temple, Raam temple and the main Krishna temple. It is named as Murali Manohar meaning lord Krishna holding murali (flute) in a lovely pose with Raadha. This temple has chariot style on top. This beautiful structure now needs restoration from archeological department of India as it comes under their property but steps are not taken to protect it. Many parts of temple are now damaged and have started falling.

Murli Manohar Temple Location

Supedi, Dhoraji, Rajkot, Gujarat 360440

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