Mukti Dham

Muktidham is a marble temple complex honouring various Hindu gods. It is a popular tourist attraction situated in the Ramnath Para, Rajkot. Mukti Dham is a renowned electric crematorium site of Rajkot, situated in Ramnath para area on the banks of River Nyari. This place special is that it is not just a place for cremation of dead bodies, but something more. It was conceived by Architect Vinod Makhesana who received the Journal of Indian Institute of Architects 2003 Award for its design. The entrance to the crematorium is known as the Pearl Gates. These are carved out of Red stones by Orissa sculptors. Mukti Dham has three umbrella resting points that provides shelter during heat and rain. The pillars of these resting points are decorated with statues of various deities. Some paintings and sculptures related to mythological events are also displayed within the premises of this ‘dham’. There is also a step garden in the exteriors of this site decorated with flowers and shrubs. Mukti Dham has a library which houses books on spiritual and religious topics and can be read by the visitors. The place also has an air-conditioned prayer hall which can accommodate up to 200 people. There is a Satsang Bhavan with statues of Lord Sri Krishna, Sri Ghansyam Maharaj and Sri Mahavir Swami. There are 25 mini temples on the perimeter of the Satsang Bhavan. The place also has a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This Muktidham is famous for the garden, Satsang Bhavan and temple of various Hindu gods.

Mukti Dham Location

Samshan, Ramnath Para, Rajkot, Gujarat 36000

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