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Rajkot is a Village in Taluka in Rajkot District of Gujarat State, India. Gandhinagar is the state capital for rajkot village. The native language of rajkot is Gujarati and most of the village people speak Gujarati. rajkot people use Gujarati language for communication.

As per constitution of India and Panchyati Raaj Act, rajkot village is administrated by Sarpanch (Head of Village) who is elected representative of village.

rajkot village is located in the UTC 5.30 time zone and it follows indian standard time(IST). The vehicle driving side in rajkot is left, all vehicles should take left side during driving. rajkot people are using its national currency which is Indian Rupee and its internationl currency code is INR. rajkot phones and mobiles can be accesed by adding the indian country dialing code +91 from abroad. rajkot people are following the dd/mm/yyyy date format in day-to-day life. rajkot domain name extension( cTLD) is .in.


Dhoraji was acquired by Kumbhojl II of Gondal State from Junagadh State about the middle of the eighteenth century. A fort  was built  in this town in 1755. Sir Bhagwatsinhji the noble ruler of Gondal State was born at Dhoraji Darbargadh. He established a town planning department and in the late 19th century, introduced town planning principals to regularize and monitor the growth of the fortified town of Dhoraji.


In Dhoraji Hindi and Gujarati languages are spoken and understood by people. Men can be seen wearing flowing Kurtas or forma wears like trousers and shirts while women would normally wear the Gujarati Sari and girls wearing dresses. The people of Dhoraji are spiritual and they do religious practice daily either at their home or religious place. There are many beautiful and sacred places are located in the city for most of religious such as Hinduism, Islam, Jain and others. We have mentioned here a few places to be visited during your journey in the city.


Dhoraji is multicultural and people from many different castes, their various celebrations of various festivals occur throughout the year. Diwali is the New Year for Hindus and people celebrate by doing Maha Laxmi Pujan. Moharam is new year of Muslim. Muslim's also celebrate ramzan Eid and bakri Eid. People clean and paint their houses and purchase new clothes to wear on New Year's Day. Garba, is popular both with men and women and is performed during the Navratri festival, Dhuleti is the colour festival and Mahashivratri is God Shiva's day. People also celebrate Uttarayan (Makar Sankranti) on 14 January by flying kites from their terraces. Other holidays are Ganesh Utsava, Ram Navami, Mahavir Jayanti, Good Friday etc. National Festival 26th January Republic day and 15th August Independence day also celebrated in Dhoraji.


There are many small scale manufacturing industries in the city. Dhoraji is famous for its Edible Oil production industry, Plastic Pipes and sugar factories. The city hosts several small scale manufacturing industries. Dhoraji is well known throughout the world for its Food business and Oil production industries. In the near future, the government of Gujarat will allocate large land areas for the development of Special Economic Zone. As per recent market reviews, Rajkot is becoming Asia's biggest Industries Zone.

How to Reach

By Flight:
     The Nearest Airport is Rajkot, which is 90km from Dhoraji. There are regular fligths from other major cities like Mumbai and Delhi of the contry.  
 By Train:
      You can easily get regular trains to Dhoraji from other major cities of the country.
By Bus:
       A Many busses go to Dhoraji from other major cities like Rajkot, Ahemdabad, Surat etc. You can also easily get regular busses for Dhoraji.


People of Dhoraji are known for their tasty and mouth watering food. People from Rajkot district used to come here for the great food. Some famous dishes are Ganthia This is consumed especially during morning and night. Bhajiya is another specialty of the town. Raghuvir bhajiya is favourite places for food-freaks in Dhoraji. Bhajiya are usually consumed in rainy season but in Dhoraji people eat it every day. Lasaniya Batata (boiled potatoes with spicy masala) is also very famous in this town. In Dhoraji Colony people now call it Khatta Aalos.Many other foods like Dabeli (It is like bread sandwich with masala) Dotha Puri, Khajli and other Barfi sweets made from good quality Mava are also very famous and very tasty.The Gola Gandas of Dhoraji Colony Karachi have gained world wide fame.


One of the most important weather phenomena, that is associated with Dhoraji is 'cyclone'. The cyclones generally occur in the Arabian Sea during the months after the rainy season. The region experiences a lot of rainfall and high-speed winds during the time of the year after the monsoon season as well as the months of May and June. However, June experiences lesser amount of rainfall and winds than the post-monsoon time. Thunderstorms are another important part of the Dhoraji weather in the months of June and July. During summer time, the temperature ranges between 24 °C and 42 °C. In the months of winter, Dhoraji temperature varies between 10 °C and 22 °C but on a whole winters are pleasant.

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